Covered January through May in Part I.  Here’s the rest of the year…


June was all about chasing ghosts.  I went on the Aloha Spirit twice, and the Pacific Islander & Seabiscuit once each.  I didn’t get the big slob seabass I was hoping for, but scored on 2 of the 4 trips.  I love eating seabass, fishing for them frustrates the hell out of me.  I got on the Freedom for a Clemente trip to end the month and scored a yellow on a light leadhead and squid.  The wsb were still biting and I thought I’d give it one more try on the Seabiscuit.  No wsb, but a double limit of lings on plastic wasn’t bad.  I was done with wsb, then in the middle of the best calico fishing I enjoyed in 2013, I got a surprise one on the Spitfire July 4th!  The rest of July was kind of a blur.  I covered ICAST in Vegas for Western Outdoor News, had a chance to win the Channel Islands Shootout, had a failed big ‘but trip to Rosa, and a tough first offshore outing of the year.


Went in needing just tuna and sheephead to complete the Top 10.  It started out with Round 2 offshore on the Eclipse and I got my first tuna of the year.  I took the kids up to Seattle for a week and Jake scored a pink salmon off the beach.  I came back to SoCal to host a WON charter on the Toronado and had a thatdamnfish explosion at Clemente to get that monkey off my back.


No pressure now and just fished for fun.  A PI trip with a bunch of the Salties, scored a mako off Dana with Bob, a 976-Tuna 2 day on the Chief with Vance and Randy, a lot more lings, and won JP on the Freedom’s last run.


Had a blast watching Juj get her first legal ling, hosted a Ling-tastic trip on the PI, scored a hali at Ty’s Honey Hole, learned a lot about rockfish with Elmer and John, and had a spiritual experience fishing for BSP in the surf.  Stay tuned for more salty adventures in 2014.  I hope I see you out there.  Tight lines!



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