CandyBar - Bleeding Channel Chovy

7″ CandyBar – Bleeding Channel Chovy

When I was out shallow water rockfishing two weekends ago on the Pacific Islander, there was a guy fishing the bow who got back to back legal lings using this swimbait.  Capt. Steve Virtue gave me the “pearl” pattern of the same bait to try, but I didn’t get any on it.  He told me this particular pattern has been money though for the lings when they go shallow.  Fish it with a 4-6 oz head depending on the current.  Throw it out against the drift, let it hit bottom, give it several quick winds, then pause and let it sink back to the bottom.  Repeat.  Capt. Steve said it usually gets hit on the pause or the fall.

They sell these baits at the Channel Island Sportfishing tackle store, but last I checked, they were sold out on this particular pattern.  Here’s a link to where else you can find them.  Good luck.  If you score, send me a pic ( and I’ll post it here or on our Facebook page.

EDITORIAL NOTEMy trip report from last weekend’s ride with Freedom Sportfishing will be in this week’s issue of Western Outdoor News.  Pick up a copy of paper to read the article.  




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