Outdoor Blogger Network was an early supporter of this blog.  They’ve written me up a number of times and they always put up my links when I submit them.  From time to time, OBN has writing prompts, and today’s subject hit home for me.  If you look at my Gear Lineup, you’ll note that my Shimano Trinidad 12 has found it’s way into many iterations of my “go to” setups.  It was one of my first “nice reels”.  A new one will cost you $400+, but I scored mine on eBay for about $150.  For awhile, this reel did time in my inshore setup, and at the time that setup comprised the Trini12 on a Dan Hernandez Signature Ugly Stik, with 15# mono.  I used this setup for half day bass trips and also kayak fishing in the bay.

Shimano Trinidad 12

On one of these kayaking trips, I think it was my second ever, I found a spot and doubled up with 2 sand bass on a 2 dropper loop setup.  Yeah!  Unfortunately, in my excitement, I accidentally let my Trini take a bath in San Diego Harbor.  I never realized just how bad saltwater can be to the inner workings of a reel.  Shortly after that incident, I had to have a new main bearing installed and the whole reel cleaned and lubed…at a cost of @ $160 or more than I originally paid.  It also froze up the clicker knob, which didn’t get fixed until recently.  Lesson learned.  I use more ‘replaceable gear’

when I yak, and take great care to not dunk them.  I also wash all my reels off in fresh water immediately after using them.

Yak Sandies from San Diego Harbor


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