SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard.  SUP’s have been around for awhile, but are relatively new as a fishing platform.  Through twitter, I was introduced recently to Jason Colorina aka @swarthypiscator  Jason is a full time firefighter, part time SUP angler.  His home fishery is San Diego Bay, near the Coronado Bridge.

I saw this video that Jason did.  It was only a bat ray, but I thought the video was really cool…


I reached out and asked him if he’d like to do a guest blog post and he graciously accepted.  I’m looking forward to connecting with Jason at some point and giving this kind of fishing a try.

Here’s his post…


SUP Fishing By Jason Colorina a.k.a. Swarthy Piscator


Standup paddleboarding is a water sport that has flourished over the last few years. These boards can be seen shredding waves at your local beach, gliding along in our bays, and even bumping their way down river rapids.  It was only a matter of time before fishermen would find a way add SUPs to their arsenal.

SUPs can provide a lightweight and portable platform to get anglers off the shoreline and onto the water where the action is. Typically weighing less than half the weight of a kayak, a SUP will transport just like a surfboard and can be carried one-handed, which makes launches easy. Fishing in a standing position is ideal for sight fishing, more accurate casting, and optimum hook setting. SUPs are also faster on the water than float tubes or pontoons, allowing anglers to get to their favorite spot a little bit quicker. With their low profiles and inherent maneuverability, SUPs can virtually be fished anywhere, depending on rider skill level.

The most crucial component for successful SUP fishing is board selection. Fortunately, SUP companies have taken notice of the SUP fishing movement and are now creating boards specifically designed for fishing. An ideal fishing SUP should have plenty of volume, a large flat deck, and a system for mounting gear. Typically, the more volume a board has, the more buoyant and forgiving it is on the water. Having a large flat deck, like that of miniature bass boat, gives the angler more comfort and working space. SUP fishing is definitely a sport for the minimalist, but having a way to store gear is critical for those longer days on the water. Creed SUP, a So-Cal based company, has created a well designed fishing SUP which is worth taking a look at.

Because SUP fishing is so versatile, there are no absolutes in regards to fishing tackle. SUPs can be fished in lakes, bays, and in the open ocean, and for any species. There are a few factors to take into consideration when fishing from a SUP. Stronger line can give the angler a better chance to pull through structure as opposed to snapping off and having to set up another rig. Convenience is key when SUP fishing. SUP fishing gets you very close to the water, so selecting tackle that is resilient to getting wet may pay off in the long run.  Anglers new to paddleboarding in general may want to consider bringing their less expensive gear out until they’ve become comfortable on the SUP and have created their own system and muscle memory for SUP fishing. As every fisherman knows, accidents can and will happen. It’s important to note that the Coast Guard now recognizes SUPs as vessels, and personal flotation devices (PFDs) may be required to be readily available depending on where you are fishing.

Tactics for SUP fishing are very similar to that of fishing on a boat or kayak in most arenas. Though, SUPs sit more on top of the water as opposed to in the water so anticipate fishing a faster drift than normal if winds are prevalent. This can be negated by a simple drift sock or sea anchor. Often times while SUP fishing, mother nature can act as a natural trolling motor. Because the actual SUP decks sits low in relation to the water, larger fish can often be easily dragged onto the deck of the board without the use of a net or gaff. Escaping a snag on a SUP is many times as simple as paddling directly over the snag and changing rod angles. SUP anglers should always keep their knees relaxed and eyes on the water.

The most rewarding aspect of SUP fishing is that those who are taking part right now are literally pioneering this hybrid sport. There are no rights or wrongs at the moment, only discovery. Staying upright on a board while fishing is a challenging feat, but will become second nature with time. Real fisherman adapt and overcome. Real fisherman innovate. Real fisherman brag about catching a massive fish while balancing on a board in the middle of the water…

Current setup:

4” Big Hammer sexy smelt, 1/2oz chartreuse jig head, uni butter scent. 30lb braid power pro, 20lb seaguar flouro

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