When the Butterfly jig first came out, I thought, “Those look cool.”  I bought several.  In practice though, I haven’t caught a lot on them.  In fact, Jake is the only one that’s had much success with them, earning his first jackpot on the Butterfly.

I knew Shimano intended that the jig be fished as part of an entire system – rod, reel, line, and jig.  I always figured they just wanted to sell you more.  While I’m sure they certainly do (want to sell you more), each element within the system serves a specific purpose.  When you put it all together…it works.

I learned just how well on the recent SoCal Salties trip to Punta Colonet aboard Eclipse Sportfishing.  Shimano was our featured sponsor on the trip.  Shimano representatives, Marc Mills and Joe Senger came out on the trip and fished with us.  They brought a lot of giveaways, but they also brought a bunch of demo equipment.  Included in the demo gear were several Trevala vertical jigging setups.  After Capt. Mark Gillette gave his trip briefing, Marc came up and gave us a seminar.

Below is a video of Marc’s seminar covering the Trevala jigging system.


The next day, the setups were racked on deck and we could grab them and use them whenever we wanted.  As the day wore on, it was hard to get your hands on one as several salties were having fun successfully catching fish on them.  This system is intended for a very specific application – vertical jigging.  So in a scenario where you are out there looking for sonar schools, and the captain says, “We’re marking fish X fathoms down.  Let ’em go.”  That is the scenario where you would deploy this system.  Looking back at last year, and how well the Flatfall jigs worked on the tuna, you may want to consider having this setup as one of the tools in your arsenal.


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