IMG_1376A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Costa Sunglasses about their expanded line of sunglasses in camo frames through their association with Mossy Oak.  They are now offering the Shadow Grass pattern in 6 of their frame styles.  I had just gifted some of my excess tuna and yellowtail to my buddy Al from SoCal Bowhunter.  Al shared some elk for me and the kids.  I enjoyed it so much that I only half jokingly told him I’d be joining him soon out there in the bush…better get some appropriate shades 😉  I emailed Costa back and had them send me the Tuna Alleys with the Shadow Grass patterned frames.

You’ve seen me wearing the Costa Jose’s with the blue 580 glass lenses for years now.  Love them.  I literally feel blind on the water without them…with one exception, lower light situations.  Costa makes the Sunrise lenses specifically for low light situations, but I wanted to see if I could find a lens that would be versatile in bright or low light.  I ordered the Tuna Alleys in the 580 plastic amber lenses.

On the trail

On the trail

I’m not a big camo guy.  Maybe I will be when I start hunting.  Haven’t worn camo since my Army days, but when the Tuna Alleys came in, I immediately liked them.  They’re good looking frames.  It was a bright, sunny Fall day when they came in and decided to take advantage of the day and field test the glasses.  There’s a trail in San Dimas I’ve been wanting to check out, so I headed out with my new shades.

The amber lenses aren’t as opaque as my blue glass ones.  If I look in a mirror, I can see my eyes.  In the bright sunlight though, my eyes still felt great.  It didn’t feel like they let any more rays through to bother my eyes than my old shades.  Another nice thing I noticed was that I was able to view my phone with these lenses.  There’s something weird about viewing my screen when I wear the blue lenses.  It hurts my eyes.  No such issue with the amber lenses.

As I walked along the trail I stumbled upon a stream.  Didn’t expect that.  Guess what my next thought was…I wonder if there are fish in it?  With the sunglasses on, I was able to see into the water and saw some small shad darting around.  Nothing to make me want to go to the car and get my emergency fishing gear, but cool to see fish in there.  I took the glasses off to see what it looked like without them.  All I could see was the reflection of the sky on the surface of the water.  Very cool!  I tried to take a picture behind the glasses so you could see what I’m talking about below.  The pic didn’t come out great, but you can see how the shades eliminate that surface glare.

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Equally good on the water

Equally good on the water

The shades sure performed great in the woods, but what about on the water?  I took them out with me last weekend when I rode on the Enterprise.  Same great performance I’ve become accustomed to with my blue lenses, but clearer in the early morning light.  These amber lenses are definitely more versatile than the blue lenses.  And the amber lenses look really great with the Shadow Grass patterned frames.  I’m such a fan of Costa products and I can easily recommend this one to you as well.  See what’s out there.  Tight lines!

The camo pattern frames are available in the following 6 frame styles:






Tuna Alley



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