The sun is harsh out on a boat.  It’s the combination of long hours exposed to it, and the additive effect of reflected rays off the water.  I used to be a big advocate of sunscreen.  I’d always keep a tube in my tackle bag.  In practice though, I’d often forget to put it on.  I didn’t like getting my hands greasy and was always a little concerned about how the scent of it might affect the bite.  No longer.  Problem solved.


AFTCO sun protection gear…stylish and functional

I’ve been wearing the AFTCO sun mask and long sleeve sun shirt.  Both products are made of a lightweight, breathable, 100% nylon fabric.  The fabric is stain resistant, quick drying, and most importantly…blocks 96% of harmful UV rays.  The mask has the added benefit of being anti-microbial, which since I wear it over my mouth a lot is a nice feature.  It also has a little extra length in back so that it can tuck into my shirt and keep the back of my neck covered.  It’s also big and stretchy enough (and I’ve got a big head) to get over my cap and keep it on my head, even when facing into the wind on the move.

The shirt is long sleeved.  I’m not fair skinned and would never put sunscreen on my forearms.  I’d often find them burnt and then flaky a few days later after a fishing trip.  It’s easy to do when you spend 6-8 hours per session (or more!) at the rail or on the sand.  The sleeves are a little longer and have thumbholes on them too to keep most of your hand covered if you like.

Used together, and adding a hat and my Costa sunglasses, my whole upper body is comfortably protected.  For as much as they benefit me on the water, they are very reasonably priced ($20 for the mask, $35 for the shirt).  I highly recommend the setup, especially now that we’re at the height of our summer offshore season.  Since AFTCO is a SoCal company, I get my orders in 2 days.  Get yours now!

ADDED BONUS – You have the opportunity to win the combo pictured above (or similar).  Come fish with us on our September 26th Ranger 85 charter.  We’ll be giving one of the setups away on the first day, so you’ll have the opportunity to try it out and see for yourself on Day 2 of the trip.  Hope to see you at the rail.  Tight lines!


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