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I have to admit.  I’d kind of been sitting on this report for awhile.  Full disclosure, I consider Tuna a friend, so I didn’t want a potentially bad review to get in the way of that friendship.  But I eventually gave in and tried the labels out.  Now I know what you are saying…”What’s the big deal?”  “A label is a label.”  Yes and No.  As Tuna explains on his site, if you are in the middle of a hot bite, and pick up a stick, it’s reassuring to look at the label and know what exactly you are picking up.  Me, I never bring more than 3 sticks on a trip.  That may change the first time I do a longer range trip, but that’s what it’s been so far.  So in terms of utility, I didn’t really see it.  Where it does come into play for me is I’ve got maybe a dozen rod/reel setups and climbing.  If they’re not one of the ones I use regularly or just changed out the line, I have to admit that I do forget WTH is on there.  Problem solved. 

OCT labels on my Trinidad 12: 30 for the spectra and 15 for the fluoro top shot

My other concern with the labels was, “OK, I see the utility, but will they just wash off, fade etc.?”  After every trip, I douse my rod and reels in fresh water and they do sit in the sun when I’m out.  I’ve found these labels to be extremely durable.  Both the label material itself (which is kind of metallic), and the adhesive are extremely hardy and I haven’t had any problems with them staying stuck as they should.  They also have a pretty low profile so I don’t find them distracting, as in, I feel the need to peel them off because they sit like a big bump on a log on my reel. 

One Cool Tuna sells them for $4.95 (shipping included) on his website, and I’ve also noticed them at a number of the landing stores.  They carried them at Point Loma Sportfishing’s tackle shop when I was there last weekend.  He sells a Fresh bag of labels (lower weights), Salt (heavier) and mixed bag of labels.  I just got the mixed bag and there are plenty of them in there to last me awhile.   At that price, I wonder if Tuna even makes any money on them and it seems to me like a gigantic bargain.  Tuna will also be at the both the Long Beach and Del Mar Fred Hall Shows, so if you make it down, buy some labels and say Hi to One Cool Tuna.  Thumbs up from Salty, Tuna!


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