DSCF0171Several weeks back, I needed to go down to Shimano HQ in Irvine to take in some reels for servicing.  You may recall how I Took A Knife To A Gunfight aboard the Eclipse back in June…taking an inshore setup offshore is generally NOT a good idea.  As a Shimano product tester, I have the luxury of being able to push their gear to its limits (and clearly beyond in this case) knowing they’ll repair or replace it.  I left the Calcutta with them and got it back just in time to take down one of the fish of the year aboard the Enterprise!

While I was at it, one of my Curados was kind of sticky and needed regular servicing.  Since the Curado is one of Shimano’s all time best selling reels, I thought it might be a good idea to video the service process.  Kevin “T-Bone” Tombleson agreed to let me video him while doing the service.

Here’s what we put together…

Part I – Kevin reveals the tools and other items needed to perform the reel service

* NOTE – do yourself a favor and change to HD in the Settings (the gear icon) and watch in fullscreen


Part II – Basic Maintenance (teardown/maintenance/reassembly)

The video is long (32 min).  Use it as a reference piece.  Watch it, pause it, rewind and re-watch a segment as you’re doing it.  If you get into trouble, put all the pieces in a bag and send it to Shimano.  Honestly though, it’s not as hard as you think it might be.  Again, best viewed in HD in fullscreen mode.


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