Last weekend on the Pacific Islander, I was able to finally take the Bait Wraps out for a test run.  Pictured above are the ones I took with me arranged from heaviest to lightest in 3 squid patterns.  I started the day using the heavy one in what I jokingly named, “Magic Mushroom”.  We were on the south side of Santa Rosa island, the more unproductive side of the island.  Using the MM (untipped, just as is), I scored a nice chucklehead (aka copper rockfish) that was my first and biggest fish of the day.

Unfortunately, I subsequently hung that jig up on a rock and lost it.  When Capt. Steve proceeded to move around to the other side of the island, I rerigged using the next heavier jig, the purple one with a glow-in-the-dark back.  By itself, I didn’t have a lot of success with the jig.  To be fair, none of the jig fishermen were doing very well that day.  I’ve had other days where using other jigs, I completely outfished the baiters.  However, it was a cold, windy day and we were getting pushed along at a very fast clip on our drifts.  The conditions made it difficult to score on jig alone.  However, we got into a nice stretch of the day where tipping the jig with squid, it got to be almost automatic scoring a fish on just about every cast.  I got several short lings and probably close to 20 rockfish…allowing me to take home a very nice bag of just quality reds and chuckleheads.

I subsequently lost the purple jig too 🙁  I did not fish the smallest red squid jig.  We were moving too fast to be able to get it down in the zone where it needed to be.  Can I whole heartedly recommend these jigs?  At this point, I’d say the jury is still out.  Would I buy another one?  Most definitely, YES.  I’d really like to replace both of them, but especially the purple glowback one.  I now have 2 heavies – the small red squid and a medium scrambled egg, and 2 surface irons – Salas 7x wrapped with the scrambled egg and sardine patterns.  Definitely looking forward to get down to San Diego again to test the surface irons and the heavy scrambled egg on the yellows.  And I’m looking forward to some better conditions to fish the small red squid.  I will use it for rockfishing, and also as a changeup white seabass jig for when we’re on the anchor and I get tired of soaking bait.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.


Biggie of the trip on the Magic Mushroom


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