One section of Sian's garden

Sian is my colleague at work.  One of the reasons why I enjoy working where I do so much is that there are tons of smart, creative people there.  What everyone does for work is only scratching the surface of who they are as a person.  One of the ladies in Finance races drift cars.  My former mentor just returned from touring South America on a motorcycle.  One of the guys in Legal is an avid surfer. A guy I met with another operating company is a para-sailing instructor.

Sian is a foodie who has an organic garden and raises her own chickens in the middle of a Los Angeles suburb!

When I have a good weekend of fishing, I like to share my fish, and see what people do with it.  You’ve seen some cool stuff from another colleague, Fletch.   Two weekends ago, I missed out on a couple opportunities for greatness, but in the end, I did take home almost 3 limits of rockfish!  I ate some, freezed some, and gave away a bit to Sian.

Below is her offering…Red Snapper on a bed of fava bean mash, with melted leeks and bagna cauda sauce.  It’s served with a side of oven-roasted carrots.  Maybe if a lot of you ask, she’ll write down a recipe for us…?

Just some fish and carrot thing 😉


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