I have the kids every Tuesday night for dinner.  I had already prepared something this week in preparation for our dinner to which Juliana says, “I don’t want that.”  Ok, what would you like, Juj?  “Can you make me Crunchy Fish?”


Juj’s Crunchy Fish

This is your basic breaded and fried fish.  Pretty easy, but it did take some time for me to perfect it for our family.  Maybe this recipe will help you get there faster.  It’s a great way to go for fresh fish, or defrosted out of the freezer.  They’re a staple in the Salty house.  Here’s how I make it…


Fish filets (I like using rockfish, lingcod or sculpin for this recipe)

Salt and Pepper

Bread crumbs and panko bread crumbs

Seasonings (I like lemon pepper and garlic powder for this recipe)




Juj on S&P duty

Juj on S&P duty

1. Get some vegetable oil hot in a pan that has some sides.  I use a wok because it saves having to use as much oil.  You’ll need to figure out the exact heat on your stove to use, but it’s a medium high heat.  On my stove it’s setting 6 out of 10.

2. Salt and pepper the filets

3. Setup 3 stations for the fish.  I setout 3 bowls.  Bowl 1 = flour.  Bowl 2 = egg wash.  Bowl 3 = bread crumb mixture.

4. Bread crumb mixture is equal parts of bread crumbs and panko.  Season to taste.  Mix thoroughly.

5. Flour a filet.  Dip it in the egg wash.  Coat both sides in the bread crumb mixture.

6. Fry each side until golden brown.  Let cool on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

That’s it.  Pretty easy.  The kids are getting to the point that they can almost do it completely by themselves.  I always like to make extra.  The breaded filets keep well in the fridge and warm up nice and crispy in the toaster oven.  They end up being the core of my fish tacos.  I’ll even freeze them and vacuum seal them, then send it home with the kids so they can easily make it at their mom’s house (just heat up in the toaster oven).  Enjoy!

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