Bank Perch

Still working on eating the catch from last week.  Last night, I baked one of the Bank Perch, and then since there was plenty of room in the pan, threw in the collar and head of the big red I caught last weekend too.

This way of cooking couldn’t be easier…I just cut a couple slits into the side of the whole fish, then drizzled olive oil on the perch, collar and head.  Then I salted and peppered the whole thing.  Then squeezed some lemon on it.  And to top it off, sprinkled some herbs de provence on it.   I’ve also done this way of cooking using fresh rosemary, which works out great also.  While I was prepping the

Red Snapper

fish, the oven was preheating at 350 degrees F.  When ready, I put the fish in uncovered.  I didn’t time it, just waited for the done smell.   The kitchen just fills up with a nice aroma of the herbs and fish that I recognize as Done.  I’d guess though that it was around 30-35 minutes.  You’re going to have to experiment based on your oven and the size of the catch.

While it was going, I heated up some leftover mashed potatoes, and sauteed some asparagus.  I got to tell you, when you catch a nice size fish like the red was (4lbs, 2oz), it’s got a good size head.  There is a lot of strong muscle around the jaws and collar area, and baking not only brings out the taste, the surrounding tissue kind of gets gelatinous and adds to the sauce.  Lots of restaurants charge a lot of money for cheeks and collars, and yet I see a lot of anglers toss these pieces out after the fileting is done.  Next time, save those pieces and try this simple method of cooking.  Not bad for a midweek dinner!

BTW, gave some of my catch to Fletch, of Fletch’s Fish Taco Sauce fame. He tells me he has some big plans for it that I hope to report here.


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