This post goes out to my work colleague, Jamie who won my impromptu, Friday at work only, SoCalSalty giveaway…a big bag of barracuda slabs from my uber-successful Thursday night outing.  I also hooked up K984 who’s fashioning a Salty rap.  Can’t wait to integrate that into a future video.  And there’s a lot more left, so in a way this post is selfish…How do you cook it Salty?

De-seed and vein the peppers. Dice up the onions and peppers.

A: read the blog 😉

Barracuda Fish Tacos (makes 2 servings)

This is good for cuda or any other fish that’s pretty firm (ex. halibut, ling, shark)

1 lb of filets

half a white onion

Dice tomatoes (and avocado if desired) and wedge limes.

2 serrano peppers

salt, pepper, cumin (tsp)

2 med size tortillas (I prefer flour)

1/2 med size tomato

1 lime

optional: cheese (I like melted jack or crumbled cotija), avocado

Slice filets into fajita size strips

Sweat onions and peppers in olive oil

Add fish, salt/pepper, and cumin. Cook until fish is white

Serve over warm tortillas. Top with cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and squeeze of lime.

Editorial Note – My previous post on Fletch’s Fish Taco sauce is a great companion read to this one.  Check it out.


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