There’s a new blog that I’ve been reading called Captain On Board.  The blog is written by Jeff Jones, who is a private sportboat captain working for a dozen or so private boat owners here in Southern California.  I find the blog really interesting, particularly because of Jeff’s perspective on our sport.  His clients pay him to setup and maintain their boats and then for him to put them on fish when they take them out.  Because of this perspective, he doesn’t have any ties to a particular sportfishing boat or landing and freely gives his thoughts based on his observations on the water.

This weekend, Jeff put together a post on yellowtail.  It looks great in the counts for the offshore overnight to 2.5 day boats to post “limits of yellowtail.”  However, as many of us know and have observed ourselves, the grade of paddy yellows that are being caught on these trips are largely under 10 lb fish.

Personally, I’ve been self limiting on taking these fish.  My POV isn’t based on any sort of great conservationist agenda, but more so because I don’t want to pay $5 per fish for cleaning, especially when the yield is less than a pound of meat when it’s all said and done.  We see a ton of these fish every year and it seems like the fishery is really healthy.  I thought that they grew pretty quickly and so the impact of sportfishing to the fishery was minimal.  Jeff felt the same way, and did some homework to backup his belief.  What he found may make you think twice the next time you are out there offshore.  Tight lines!

Captain On Board – California Yellowtail



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