Last year was good, I got all 10 by August, and got one of the Extra Salty goals.  Hopefully, I can get the 10 again this year and improve on the Extra Salty ones.  One of my goals in originally creating the Top 10 was to encourage people to fish outside their comfort zone, by fishing outside their typical area and catching the different gamefish we have.  Late last year, I took up surf fishing and have found it enjoyable and very different from the boat-based fishing I’ve been doing.  So I’ve added a surf fish, corbina (#7) to the mix.

Take the challenge and see how you do this year!

Updated Dec 15, 2014

STATUS: 9 of 10, TWO – Extra Salty

10. Rockfish – Yes & Extra Salty


Limit on plastic on the Seabiscuit – June 1st










9. Barracuda – no

They've finally arrived

The one I’m worried about








8. Sheephead aka #thatdamnfish – YES!

Eldorado Dec 14th

Eldorado at San Nic – Dec 14th










7. Corbina – YES

Dockweiler Beach

Dockweiler Beach – May 24









6. Saltwater Bass (calico, sand, spotted) – YES

In the Pt. Loma kelp on the NSF, Aug 2014

In the Pt. Loma kelp on the NSF, Aug 2014











5. Lingcod – YES

Got one

4/19 – Pacific Islander









4. California Halibut – yes


Daily Double – 9/25









3. White Seabass – YES and Extra Salty


June 5th – Ranger 85










2. Tuna – Yes

My first of 2014

July 5th on Eclipse











1. Yellowtail – YES!  Extra Salty?


30lb-er on the bass gear Oct 6 on Enterprise