My goal is to catch all of them this year.  So far: 9 of 10

That’s probably it for the year.  Look for the new Top 10 for 2012 coming soon.

(Last updated, Sat. Dec 24, 2011)

This is the criteria I used for inclusion and ranking on this list…not listed by priority or weight.

1. Must be a fish that can be caught locally, so 1 day trip or less.

2. Level of skill required to catch it

3. Table quality

4. Fight

10.  Sculpin:  Status = yes

Joe of Hook Ideas with a trophy sculpin

9.  Bonito: Status = not yet

Lost one at the rail in San Clemente 🙁

8. Barracuda!  YES

Oh yeah, Jake and I have crushed the cuda

7. Rockfish: yes

Hunting Bigfoot – Nice red!

6. Saltwater Bass: yes

Monstrous 13# calico I saw caught at San Clemente

5. Halibut: YES! Finally this monkey is off my back

On the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf, Dec 23rd

4. Ling cod: YES!

FINALLY! on the Pacific Islander, Sept 18

3. White Seabass: Ah yeah!

SoCal catch of the year…so far

2. Tuna: YES – got on the board over Labor Day Weekend

taking 3 schoolie BFT on the Eclipse

Mike Livingston’s 405lb YFT hanging in Fisherman’s Landing SD

1. Yellowtail: YES!

Oct 15 on the New Lo-An

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